Use wgrep and evil to replace text efficiently

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In my previous article Emacs is easy if you read code, I proved ivy and wgrep is easy if you read code. You can even create your own plugin based on their APIs. For example, I define my-grep and my-grep-occur in init-ivy.el in order to search/replace text in project root directory.

My wgrep-mode enabled buffer is in evil-mode. I prefer pressing vi key binding dd to remove lines in that buffer to tell wgrep skip them.

It turns out we need M-x C-c C-p or M-x wgrep-toggle-readonly-area before removing lines.

I'm too lazy to remember extra commands. So here is the workaround:

;; Press `dd' to delete lines in `wgrep-mode' in evil directly
(defadvice evil-delete (around evil-delete-hack activate)
  ;; make buffer writable
  (if (and (boundp 'wgrep-prepared) wgrep-prepared)
  ;; make buffer read-only
  (if (and (boundp 'wgrep-prepared) wgrep-prepared)
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