Use general.el to provide multiple leader key in evil-mode

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General.el "provides a more convenient way to bind keys in emacs for both evil and non-evil users".

I have been using it for more than one month without any issue. I prefer general.el to evil-leader because I need both comma and space key as leader key.

Minimum setup is simple,

(require 'general)
(general-evil-setup t)
(nvmap :prefix ","
       "bb" 'back-to-previous-buffer
       "ww" 'save-buffer
       "oo" 'compile)

;; all keywords arguments are still supported
(nvmap :prefix "SPC"
       ; save windows layout
       "ss" 'wg-create-workgroup
       ;; load windows layout
       "ll" 'my-wg-switch-workgroup)

My real world setup is more complicated.

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