The most important features of Midnight Commander (MC)

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Since I was a big fan of Total Commander (TC), I priorize the MC's feature according to my TC's experience.

Here is the list (C = Ctrl, M = Alt, S = Shift):

Feature MC TC
Bookmark C-\, then "New Entry" C-D
Quick Search C-s or M-s C-M-firstcharacteroffilename
Find File M-? M-F7
Select Files by Pattern + (- will unselect files) C-F12
Mkdir F7 F7
Create New File with Vim Shift-F4 Shift-F4
Edit File with Vi F4 (See Use vi as Default Editor) F4 (need configuration)
View File F3 F3
Copy File Name M-w (See mc.keymail.emacs No hotkey
Copy Full Path to CLI C-S-Enter Don't know
Directory History M-h (actually history of all the commands Don't know
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