The most efficient way to `git add` files in dired-mode

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Add following code into your .emacs, then use "/" to execute `git command` on your marked files in dired-mode:

(defun diredext-exec-git-command-in-shell (command &optional arg file-list)
  "Run a shell command `git COMMAND`' on the marked files.
if no files marked, always operate on current line in dired-mode

   (let ((files (dired-get-marked-files t current-prefix-arg)))
      ;; Want to give feedback whether this file or marked files are used:
      (dired-read-shell-command "git command on %s: " current-prefix-arg files)
  (unless (string-match "[*?][ \t]*\\'" command)
    (setq command (concat command " *")))
  (setq command (concat "git " command))
  (dired-do-shell-command command arg file-list)
  (message command))

(eval-after-load 'dired '(define-key dired-mode-map "/" 'diredext-exec-git-command-in-shell))

For example, say you set the alias "a" for git command "add" in your $HOME/.gitconfig.

In order to `git add` files, you marked files in dired-mode and press "/", then press "a". The command `git a(dd)` will be executed.

The reason to use git in dired-mode is simple. I'm working for some big enterprise application. You know the enterprise guys have the tendency to create lots of small modules/files for one feature. So I need do lots of `cp files somewhere` and `git add files` things these days.

Thanks all the Emacs geeks on the Google+ who enlighten me.

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