Notes on Emacs chat between John Wiegley and Sacha Chua

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See for the video and transcript.

I only record key points,

  • Use gnus heavily
  • ERC in another Emacs instance
  • Look at Magit buffer to get overview
  • Use built in vc mode, `C-x v =' to get diff of current file
  • One single org, other seven are archives
  • Helm (fork of anything.el)
  • Gnus read mail and rss (gwene), Adaptive scoring is good.
  • fetchmail to fetch from Gmail
  • Organize Structure (rename/moving files folders)
  • Twenty items in hot list in org-mode linking to other lists and areas of machine
  • Dropbox to record voice at and org-mode hook to get voice message
  • M-m to call `org-capture'
  • 'Quick Keys' on Mac plus some apple script (Viewing page in Chrome, M-n to activate emacs, put a link)
  • Emacs can view PDF
  • Reading Emacs manual from the scratch
  • Emacspeak to read the manual
  • Ledger for the accounting
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