No worries when elpa is down

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I use one liner shell command to clone Emacs Lisp Package Archive (ELPA):

mkdir -p ~/elpaclone && cd ~/elpaclone && curl -L | perl -pe 's/(^\(1|\n)//g' | perl -pe 's/\]\)/])\n/g' | perl -pe 's/^ *\(([a-z0-9A-Z-]*).*\[\(([0-9 ]*).*(single|tar).*/\1-\2.\3/g' | perl -pe 's/ /./g' | perl -pe 's/single/el/g' | perl -pe 's/\)//g' | xargs -I {} curl -L  -O{} && curl -L -O

The contains all the information of packages. I re-organize it to make sure each line corresponds to one package. Then I use cURL to download everything.

Usage is simple.

Insert below line at the beginning of ~/.emacs when is down:

(setq package-archives '(("elpaclone" . "~/elpaclone")))

This solution also works for MELPA.

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