New git-timemachine UI based on ivy-mode

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UPDATED: <2016-09-23 Fri>

CREATED: <2016-06-05 Sun>

When using git-timemachine, I prefer start from my selected revision instead of HEAD.

Here is my code based on ivy-mode,

(defun my-git-timemachine-show-selected-revision ()
  "Show last (current) revision of file."
  (let* ((collection (mapcar (lambda (rev)
                    ;; re-shape list for the ivy-read
                    (cons (concat (substring-no-properties (nth 0 rev) 0 7) "|" (nth 5 rev) "|" (nth 6 rev)) rev))
    (ivy-read "commits:"
              :action (lambda (rev)
                        ;; compatible with ivy 9+ and ivy 8
                        (unless (string-match-p "^[a-z0-9]*$" (car rev))
                          (setq rev (cdr rev)))
                        (git-timemachine-show-revision rev)))))

(defun my-git-timemachine ()
  "Open git snapshot with the selected version.  Based on ivy-mode."
  (unless (featurep 'git-timemachine)
    (require 'git-timemachine))
  (git-timemachine--start #'my-git-timemachine-show-selected-revision))

Screenshot after M-x my-git-timemachine,


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