My Emacs skill is improved after 3 years

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This is my note on useful commands/keybindings to memorize three years ago.

Most are obsolete because I'm more skillful now.

Basically I use fewer but more powerful plugins. I write Emacs lisp if there is no suitable plugin.

  • Three years ago, column edit,
C-x r t yourstring RET (See "How to do select column then do editing in GNU Emacs ?"")

Now I use Evil

  • Three years ago, save current position to register and jump to the position,
C-r SPC to save, C-j to jump (better-registers.el required) 

Now Evil.

  • Three years ago, save frame configuration to register,
C-r f (better-registers.el required) 

Now workgroups2.

  • Three year ago, (un)comment line,
M-; (qiang-comment-dwim-line required)

Now evil-nerd-commenter.

  • Three years ago for visiting the next/previous error message after compiling,
"M-g M-n" or "M-g M-p"

I'm still using it.

  • Three years ago, find-tag/pop-tag-mark
"M-." and "M-*"

Now Evil

  • Three years ago, grep current work directory only or all sub-directories
M-x lgrep/rgrep

Now grep in shell plus percol

  • Three years ago, visit multiple tags table
M-x visit-tags-table

hack tags-table-list directly might be simpler.

  • Three years ago, set countdown timer
M-x org-timer-set-timer, C-c C-x ;

Now I don't push myself with the timer thing.

  • Three years ago, mark subtree in org-mode
M-x org-mark-subtree

It was used to select the text to post to my blog.

Now I use org2nikola. The org-mark-subtree is hardcoded into org2nikola.

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