How to use terminal in Emacs effectively

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I'm an experienced bash user before learning Emacs. Now as a die hard Emacs user, I still want to use my bash skill.

The Emacs terminator simulator Ansi Term help me on this purpose. Check my setup and the EmacsWiki for the guide.

I need copy the output in ansi-term to somewhere else frequently. So I often got the issue about selecting output effectively?

Emacs manual says I can "M-x term-line-mode" to switch to term-line-mode to select text. Then I need restore to the original mode by "M-x term-char-mode".

That's many keys to press. Besides, I can not tell what's the current mode, term-char-mode or term-line-mode?

My solution is evil-mode. I press C-z to toggle on vim simulator in ansi-term. I can press C-z again to toggle off the vim simulator.

The beauty is I've got the Vi power to select,search, filter, yank.

BTW, "C-z" is the default hot key from evil-mode. Evil-mode assign "C-x C-z" for "M-x suspend-frame".

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