How to manage emacs packages

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I have 168 packages installed through Emacs package manager. And I shared my emacs.d at github.

So these days I have been spending much time on solve the issues for people who use my .emacs.d.

The root cause of most issues is the packages downloaded from melpa are not stable enough.

That's understandable because packages hosted at melpa are built automatically from developers' git repositories.

Now here is my solution:

  1. I use more stable packages from other repositories if possible.
  2. I use whitelist to explicitly list the packages I want to install from melpa.

White list because although packages on non-melpa are more stable, there are still some exceptions.

For example, the package "erlang" exists both in melpa and marmalade. But only the version at melpa is usable.

Now I need show you the code. See my init-elpa.el at github for configuration. Especially the code related to variable "melpa-include-package".

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