Auto-complete word in Emacs mini-buffer when using Evil

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When using Evil I often input %s/old-keyword/new-keyword/g in Minibuffer.

The problem is auto completions of new-keyword using hippie-expand always fail.

It turns out that the character "/" is treated as Word constituent in minibuffer.

The solution is to re-define "/" as Punctuation characters:

(defun minibuffer-inactive-mode-hook-setup ()
  ;; make `try-expand-dabbrev' from `hippie-expand' work in mini-buffer
  ;; @see `he-dabbrev-beg', so we need re-define syntax for '/'
  (set-syntax-table (let* ((table (make-syntax-table)))
                      (modify-syntax-entry ?/ "." table)
(add-hook 'minibuffer-inactive-mode-hook 'minibuffer-inactive-mode-hook-setup)
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