An example to abuse the git merge

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WARNING, this is BAD practice. I'm showing you anti-pattern you'd better avoid.

The work flow is simple at the beginning. There is only one master branch where several developers submit the code.

Then come bad rules:

  • Rule 1, any feature should be done on new branch (this rule is actually good if without next three rules)
  • Rule 2, `git rebase` is forbidden and any minor branch created by developers should be publicized immediately.
  • Rule 3, keep using your same feature branch forever even it's behind master branch for a very long time.
  • Rule 4, `git merge` between feature and master branches frequently

After three months developement, this is the result of `git log –graph –oneline`: image/git-merge-mess-nq8.png

Can you see the "M" at the top right corner. It's "M" from "Merge".

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