Yin and Yang in Emacs

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As a Chinese, I studied Tao Te Ching since childhood. So I believe Tao (the way) exist in Emacs. Tao is basically Yin and Yang who lives in harmony in Emacs.

I can't say Yin is good and Yang is evil, or vice versa. All I can do is to find the way to make Yin and Yang co-exist.

For example, a few days ago I published Effective "git blame" in Emacs which introduced my package vc-msg.

It became one of my most popular reddit post because its unique feature partial line blame,



I noticed some comments compared my package with Magit. Those comments were very educational and I did learn a few useful tricks.

My point is, vc-msg and Magit could collaborate without any problem, like Yin and Yang lives harmony. If you find any conflict between vc-msg and Magit, just let me know. I will fix it.

I totally understand there are many Magit lovers in Emacs community. So I make vs-msg v1.0.2 to support Magit. You can use partial line blame in vc-msg but calling Magit command to open the commit.

It's only one line setup,

(setq vc-msg-git-show-commit-function 'magit-show-commit)


I tested in magit-blame-mode and found no issue.

I'm sure vc-msg should work in other major modes or minor modes. There are also two callback functions vc-msg-get-current-file-function and vc-msg-get-line-num-function which users can customize.

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