Use screen/rtorrent/cronie to manage torrent client

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`man rtorrent` for the keybindings:

  • `Enter` to input magnet from piratebay manually
  • `C-s` to start download
  • `C-d` to delete

For ArchLinux only:

Prepare directory

mkdir -p ~/bt/{session,finished,torrent}


sudo pacman -S cronie
sudo systemctl enable cronie
sudo systemctl start cronie

Add cron task to start and stop rtorrent service

crontab -e #add cron task as current user

The default editor will be open, input below content:

#start rtorrent sesssion at 1am
0 1 * * * /usr/bin/screen -fa -d -m -S torrent /usr/bin/rtorrent
# kill it at  9am
0 10 * * * /usr/bin/screen -S torrent -X quit


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