Set up vmtouch systemd service

"/etc/default/vmtouch" on Debian Testing,

# Change to yes to enable running vmtouch as a daemon

# User and group to run as

# Whitespace separated list of files and directories for vmtouch to operate on
VMTOUCH_FILES="/home/cb/.emacs.d/lisp /home/cb/.emacs.d/elpa /home/cb/.emacs.d/site-lisp /home/cb/.mozilla/firefox/linux.default/*.sqlite /home/cb/.mozilla/firefox/linux.default/*.json"

# Options to pass to vmtouch itself. See vmtouch(8).

Run sudo systemctl restart vmtouch to restart the service.

"home/cb.emacs.d" is not touched because the package elpy will create a sub-directory "elpy" there. This sub-directory is huge. It contains many python libraries.