Install gitso v0.6 on Gentoo Linux

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Gitso is a frontend to reverse VNC connections. Say you want to access your office pc which is behind firewall. Then you need Gitso.

Here is the commands to install gitso:

sudo mkdir /usr/portage/net-misc/gitso

sudo bash -c "curl -L > /usr/portage/net-misc/gitso/gitso-0.6.ebuild"

sudo bash -c "curl -L|sed -e '/gitso[-_]0.5/d' > /usr/portage/net-misc/gitso/Manifest"

sudo emerge wxpython iproute2 x11vnc tightvnc

sudo ebuild /usr/portage/net-misc/gitso/gitso-0.6.ebuild unpack compile install qmerge clean

There are many howtos on gitso on internet. Google it.

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