How to use FTP in Emacs

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Emacs's default Ftp client is a little outdated compared to other modern Ftp clients.

What I want is a two panel file explorer with ftp client integrated (An excellent example is Total Commander on windows).

In Emacs, I've got Sunrise Commander which is close to Total Commander, but NO Ftp integration.

I dig around the internet for a while and find that the perfect solution is mount the ftp server into my local file system with CurlFtpFS.

The best part of this solution is CurlFtpFS supports both OS X and Linux.

In order to install CurlFtpFS on OS X, you need use the package manager Homebrew. The only catch I met on OS X is that I need upgrade Fuse4X driver manually for some wired reason to avoid "incompatible with the kernel version" error. Upgrading is simple. Download dmg plus mouse click stuff only. See FAQ for details.

For the usage of CurlFtpFS, see HERE for documentation. It's for Linux. But totally fine for OS X users.

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