Always turn on "-fpermissive" for GCC 4.6

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turn on "-fpermissive" for GCC 4.6 :linux:gcc:en:cmake:

Below code will get error message if compiled by gcc 4.6+:

"const A" as 'this' argument of "void A::a()' discards qualifiers [-fpermissive]
class A
   void a();
class B
   virtual void b() const;
class MyClass:public B
  A _a;
  virtual b() const
    _a.a(); //gcc complains here!

Since I cannot modify class A and B, I need add "-fpermission" to CXX_FLAG. Here is my cmake code,

  # needed for gcc 4.6+
  set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -fpermissive")
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